Participate in CHIST-ERA Call 2012 Definition

The CHIST-ERA ERA-Net is looking for highly innovative and multidisciplinary research projects in ICST; and is open to new ideas and original solutions, involving interdisciplinary skills in order to strengthen a broader community in the merging of their understanding and their questioning.

The text of the CHIST-ERA calls are defined and then published within six months only after the topics selection based on the research community expertise and long-term vision to maintain a high level of relevance of the calls in very competitive evolving areas which need reactivity.

In the Call 2012, to be published in October 2012 (TBC), two new and hot topics are addressed:

Intelligent User Interfaces
User-driven, Context- and Content-aware, Communication Networks

The topics keywords and examples (see attached flyer) are given as illustration only. The CHIST-ERA Conference 2012 in Edinburgh (Scotland), July 5-6, brings together scientists and CHIST-ERA's representatives in order to identify and formulate promising scientific and technological challenges at the frontier of research with a view to refine the scientific content of the Call 2012. The conference is based on a number of high-level keynote talks by invited internationally renowned specialists. In addition, the attendees are encouraged to participate in the definition of the call's text, as far as is possible, with a short talk (10' + 5' discussion) or a poster presentation (A0, in portrait format).