The presentation of the communications of the CHIST-ERA Conference 2011 (keynote and short talks, posters) will be continuously updated in the course of the summer.

Adrian Popescu
LILIBUSE - Open NLP for Semantic Desktops and Education
Adrian Popescu

Adrian Popescu is a researcher at the LIST laboratory of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) in France. Before joining CEA LIST, he was a postdoctoral researcher at TELECOM Bretagne, where I contributed to the Georama project.

He is a research scientist with experience in building linguistic resources for Internet image retrieval and for geographic information retrieval. Adrian Popescu is primarily interested in building large scale systems that are sensitive to semantics but also in introducing image processing techniques in information retrieval. He is Interested in continuing my current research work in industry or academia.


The LILIBUSE project will provide new means of searching and browsing a user's documents, either locally or in the cloud. Novel graphical and vocal user interfaces will be developed for both desktop and mobile devices. Navigation will be supported by semantic content indexing, realized with free linguistic analysis tools. This will enable intuitive and non-intrusive navigation in semantic data associated to user activities. Cloud technologies will ensure system scalability and results will be validated via technological and user-based evaluation campaigns.

Intelligent User Interfaces
July 5


Daniela Petrelli
Exploiting VPH data for personalized health care through design
Daniela Petrelli

Daniela Petrelli is Reader in Interaction Desing at the Art & Design Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University, UK.

She has a PhD in Interaction Design, an Italian High Degree (Laurea) in Computer Science, a Fine Art Diploma, and an extensive experience in social research. Her current research interests focus on all aspects of people interacting with technology in contexts other than the office, mainly the family home, for purposes different from work, e.g. leisure or reminiscing, and with devices that are not obviously digital, e.g.  a radio from the 70s or a set of Christmas baubles.

In the area of intelligent interfaces she has carried out research in: language-based and multimodal human-computer interaction; human-computer collaboration and task sharing to improve the effectiveness of machine learning; the visualisation and manipulation of semantic data for sense making; and the personalisation of content for context sensitive museum visits.

Her research approach is human-centred, i.e. needs and aspir