Directions & Map

The Conference will take place in the premises of the Apex Waterloo Place Hotel, in the heart of Edinburgh (Scotland) at the east end of Princes Street. The hotel is near the main business districts and all the attractions that Edinburgh city centre has to offer, within a few minutes walking distance of Waverley rail station and access to the Airport bus which runs every 10 minutes to the Airport with a journey time of 25 minutes. The Edinburgh airport is about eight miles (12km) west of the city centre.

Postal address

Apex Waterloo Place Hotel
23-27 Waterloo Place
Edinburgh EH1 3BH


Internal EU flights are available directly to Edinburgh airport from many major European cities (see destinations and airlines at the airport website). 

You may want to book your room at the Conference's site. Below is a list of other possibilities near the Conference location:


The pound sterling, commonly called the pound, is the official currency of Scotland: 1£ = 1.23 € and 1 € = 0.81 £.

Citizens living within the EU and most other western countries including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa must have a valid passport or national identity card as appropriate; but do not require visas.

Edinburgh enjoys a moderate year-round climate, with all the benefits of the sunny east coast of Scotland. The city can be warm and pleasant during the summer although being close to the Firth of Forth means there can also be a cool coastal breeze and occasional mists (known locally as 'haar'). From April to September, temperatures are mild and compare favourably with other European cities. Annual rainfall is the same as Frankfurt, New York and less than in Rome.

The country is on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and in accordance with daylight saving, clocks are put forward one hour from mid-March to end of October. During summer it stays light until as late as 11 pm.